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Complete deburring and polishing in your CNC machines

XEBEC Japan offer a wide range of deburring solutions including deburring after drilling, cutter mark removal on inner surface and wall surface.
XEBEC Brush™ Surface uses abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grain. 
It enables the automation both deburring and polishing the superfine fibers, measured in micrometers, can improve surface roughness in a short time.

Xebec Brush™ Surface

Xebec Brush™ surface end type

Xebec Brush™ surface extra large

xebec brush™ wheel type

xebec brush™ cross hole

xebec brush™ cross hole extra long

Xebec Beautiful Deburring

XEBEC Products show case 


  • Remove machining machining marks.
  • Improve surface finishing 
  • Consistent quality achieve
  • reduce manual process