Steiner Technologies - Automatic Back Boring Solutions

Steiner Technologies Inc has been helping manufacturers increase part profitability, eliminate secondary operations and automate manufacturing processes. See how the Autofacer can be custom-designed for specific applications to reduce part process time by more than 80%.

Autoface© - Save Time, Decrease Cycle Time

The Autofacer is a tool that allows machinist to reach through a hole and machine a circular feature* on the back side of the part automatically. This is accomplished by folding the cutting blade into the shaft of the tool body allowing the tool to pass into the part. Once the tool has entered the part, the cutting blade is mechanically opened and cutting may begin.

KA Autofacer

  • The Steiner KA Autofacer is a modular semi-standard front and back counterboring system that was designed for machining seat pockets and clearance bores in Gate Valves
  • The KA Autofacer utilizes expandable bushings and modular dampeners to support the tool when cutting which eliminates the need to hold a tight diameter tolerance on your flow bore
  • Our modular connection allows lengths to be built out in 6” and 12” increments.
  • The KA Autofacer can be used on standard CNC machine tools- No “W” axis is required.