MST Corporation Shrink Fit Arbor Singapore Malaysia Slim Line Shrink Fit Arbor Singapore Malaysia

Shrink-Fit Holder "SLIM LINE"

The MST’s unique, “special steel for exclusive use in shrink fitting”has been adopted in the materials of SLIMLINE shrink-fit holders. It has a high coefficient of thermal expansion. “Low-temperature shrink fitting” is available at 300゚C.SLIMLINE holders provide “high clamping force”, “long life” and “chucking of small-diameter cutting tools”.

MC Tool

The large-diameter carbide core is integrated into the thick body by shrink-fitting. Achieves less deflection and higher efficiency during long-gauge machining. Vibration-free machining leads to longer insert life and achieves stable machining during long, continuous operation.

angle head

New extra-compact head HALF mini version provides the rigidity and accuracy needed for drilling and tapping! Optimal design for drilling and tapping! Add one more axis at a minimum cost Heavy cutting is possible by mounting the angle head flange type directly on the machine spindle surface.
MST Corporation Japan Singapore Angle Head
MST Corporation Japan Singapore Standard Angle Head
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