Mikron Tool Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Thailand Vietnam Special Drill For Inconel Superalloy Nickel Alloy
The tools of Mikron Tool always guarantee the highest performance, no matter if it is for customer-specific solutions or standardized products. Here "High Performance" means high processing speed, long tool life, high process reliability or excellent quality results.

Stainless steel (rustproof and acid-resistant steels): corrosion and acid-resistant, high degree of toughness, low thermal conductivity (depending on composition), good formability.

Titanium: high degree of stability at low density (hard like steel at approximately half the weight), corrosion and temperature-resistant, biocompatible, good tensile strength, high degree of toughness, low thermal conductivity.

Superalloys (HRSA = Heat Resistant Super Alloys): high degree of strength and hardness even at high temperatures; corrosion, acid and heat-resistant. Low thermal conductivity. 

CrCo alloys: biocompatible, minor heat expansion (like ceramic); corrosion, acid and heat-resistant; high degree of hardness.

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