GMO Deburring Tools

deburring of very small holes, already from Ø0.80mm diameter

ideal for the deburring in series production

configurable to any hole diameter from Ø0.8mm to Ø7.5mm

very fast deburring process

simple tool change

usable in every machine (ideal for use into CNC machines)

solid, slim design & Simple handling

low costs because of exchangeable consumable parts


GMO Deburring Tools

• Carbide cutting tools
• Deburring the smallest bores from Ø 0.80mm
• Ideal for use in CNC processing machines
• Infinitely adjustable deburring diameter

GMO Deburring Cutter

• high quality carbide tool with special coating
• with cutting edge angles of 45 ° &  25 ° 
• extremely long service life
• Can be used for bores from Ø 1.50mm

GMO Deburring Cutter